Wednesday, April 24, 2013

iPhone app for listening to music free of charge - TuneBow

I came across an interesting new music app for the iPhone this week called Tunebow.

The app is very simple and provides a way for listening to music on your iPhone for free.

The good:

You can download the app and listen to music on your iPhone with it free of charge and ad-free

The not-so good:

You cannot choose what to play but music is generally pleasant and varied and you can skip to the next song if you register for free with your Facebook or email.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Google Keep note taking service launches iPhone app soon

Google Keep is the new service offered by the search giant for taking and organizing notes on your smartphone. The app launched end of March and is currently available for download from the Google Play appstore.

According to Mashable, the iOS app is on its way in the weeks to come when Google Keep for iPhone will be available. Google Keep provides for a way to take quick notes and reminders on your phone. Just open the Google Keep app and tap on “Add quick note”.

So far, the only way to sort your notes taken by Google Keep is by color. This emphasized the app’s aim to serve as a means of quick note-taking and not as an elaborate writing tool. You can also attach photos you take on your phone to each note you create. However, you cannot bring photos from the Photo Library into notes you took using Google Keep but only photos which you make at the moment you write a note.

Here is how Google presents its new note-taking service in a one minute YouTube video: