Transfer iPhone contacts to BlackBerry

Transferring your iPhone contacts to a BlackBerry is not a hard matter if you know what you are doing. This simple guide outlines the steps you should follow in order to transfer contacts from iPhone to your new BlackBerry device. The method works for all iPhones and BlackBerry devices. In this example, I moved my iPhone 5 contacts to my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

1. Make sure you export your iPhone contacts to your computer first to do so, download and run the tiny computer app from the page below:

2. Run the app on your computer and connect your iPhone. Once your iPhone contacts appear, click on the “Export selected” button

3. From the list of export-formats, select “BlackBerry”

4. Now, make sure that once prompted, you save your iPhone contacts to the default Windows Contacts location on your PC which is: C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\Contacts

5. Your contacts will be saved in the form of Windows contacts with the extension *.contacts

6. You would now need to get yourself the BlackBerry Desktop Manager in order to move your iPhone contacts from your PC to your BlackBerry. To do so, follow the rest of the steps 7. through 12. outlined in this quick tutorial: How to transfer iPhone contacts to BlackBerry.

Quick YouTube video showing how to transfer iPhone contacts to BlackBerry


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