Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to change iTunes Store Country

Many people have asked me how to change the country of their iTunes store. In fact, this is easy to do contrary to common belief that you have to create a new account with a separate Apple ID.

Here's how to change iTunes store country in a few clicks

1. Open iTunes and click on "Sign in".

sign in to itunes store

2. Enter your Apple ID and password and click "Sign In"

itunes log in window

3. Click on "Account"

account info itunes

4. When in your account details, click on the "Change Country or Region" link

5. Select your new country from the list and click "Change"

change country from store

6. From the next screen, click "Continue"

click continue to new itunes store

7. Accept the new store terms and conditions

accept terms and conditions

8. Add the new payment method associated with your new country and click "Continue"

add new payment method for apple id

That's all. You have just changed the iTunes Store country.