How to Export iPhone Contacts to Outlook

You can export iPhone contacts to Outlook in several quick steps as described below.

What you would need:

  • A powerful utility used to export iPhone contacts to your PC
  • Your iPhone with iPhone contacts on it
  • Your PC
  • Microsoft Outlook

The Steps

1. Download and install CopyTrans Contacts from the following page, then run the program and connect your iPhone

2. Select to export iPhone contacts – you can select all contacts at once by pressing CTR+A or by ticking "Contacts"

3. From the next window, select “Outlook (direct export to Outlook)”

outlook export window in copytrans contacts

4. You can now select to which of your Outlook folders to export your iPhone contacts to. If you don’t have any contact folders set up in your Outlook, simply select the default folder called “Contacts”. You can also check the “Search for duplicates” option if you would like for CopyTrans Contacts to look for duplicates in your iPhone address book and let you decide whether you want to import those to Outlook too. Click OK

5. Your iPhone contacts are now directly exported to Outlook on your PC

This is how to export iPhone contacts to Outlook in a few easy steps. For the other way round, in order to import Outlook contacts to iPhone, please refer to this page instead: Import iPhone contacts to Outlook

YouTube video guide:

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