Import iPhone Contacts

There are numerous ways in which you can add or otherwise import contacts to iPhone. This article examines one very straight-forward way to import Windows contacts to iPhone and vice versa.

A. Import contacts from PC to iPhone
B. Import email contacts to iPhone (no iTunes)

A. Import contacts from PC to iPhone

Regardless whether you have your contact entries saved in your Windows Contacts/Address Book or on your Outlook account on your PC, there is an easy way to import contacts from PC to iPhone with or without iTunes.

a. Import contacts from PC to iPhone via third party app (no iCould/iTunes required)

The video below quicly shows how to import contacts to iPhone:

You can import contacts to iPhone from PC with this utility in the same way you used the app to import email contacts to iPhone: just drag/drop the contact entries from your PC to the program main window:

b. iPhone contact import via iTunes


  • A Windows PC with your contacts
  • iTunes
  • Your iPhone with or without iPhone contacts

The steps:

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to the PC via USB.
  2. Now, navigate to device settings within iTunes. In order to do that, simply click on your iPhone or iPod Touch (in my case) and then select the Info tab.
  3. Once you are in the Info tab, check the “Sync Contacts with” option and from the drop-down list of options select “Windows Contacts” if you have Windows XP this will appear as “Windows Address Book”.

  4. Now click on the Sync button at the bottom-right corner of iTunes.
    ATTENTION: to prevent accidental deletion of your iPhone tracks by iTunes during sync, make sure you have clicked the “Manually manage music and videos” option from the Summary tab and UN-ticked the “Sync Music” option from the Music tab

  5. After the iPhone contacts sync is complete, you will now have all of your Windows contacts imported to your iPhone

  6. On my device, I already had some iPhone contacts before the import. Hence, the newly imported contacts from my PC were grouped into the following group: “All from my PC”

This is how can easily set your Windows Contacts entries and import contacts to iPhone via iTunes.

B. Import email contacts to iPhone (no iTunes)

You can easily import iPhone contacts from your email account (Google, Yahoo, etc) to your iPhone without iTunes. For this purpose you would need:

  • A powerful iPhone contacts tool called CopyTrans Contacts
  • Access to your email account
  • Your iPhone
  • A Windows PC

1. Go to your email address and navigate to the Contacts section.

  • If you have a Gmail account, go to Contacts, then click the “More” button and choose "Export". Then, select all contacts for export and choose the vCard format option. Click “Export”.

  • If you have a Yahoo account, go to Contacts, then click on the “Actions” button and choose “Export All…”

2. You will end up with a single *.vcf file containing all your contacts. You are now ready to import them directly to your iPhone

3. Now open CopyTrans Contacts and drag/drop the *.vcf from the folder on your PC to the program main window

4. Finally, you have all your email contacts imported to iPhone

5. This was one easy way to import contacts to iPhone from any email account.

For a complete guide on how to manage, edit and add/remove iPhone contacts using CopyTrans Contacts, please refer to the following page: CopyTrans Contacts user guide.