Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to remove iTunes completely

This guide shows how to completely uninstall iTunes along with all related components on your computer. If you are on a Windows PC, there is an automatic way to fully remove iTunes from your computer in a single click following the instructions below.

Apple’s manual way of removing iTunes

Apple provides some clear but complex and time-consuming steps to completely remove iTunes. According to Apple you need to remove iTunes along with 5 other related programs (QuickTime, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support) in a strict order of appearance.

Mix up the order of removing these components and you risk iTunes haunting down on you lurking around on your computer. In addition, a number of errors can occur during the iTunes removal procedure especially if some of the above components are missing.

Completely uninstall iTunes with one click

1. Download a tiny tool called CopyTrans Drivers Installer from CNET.com

2. Extract the above uninstaller tool from the ZIP and double-click in order to run it. This program is normally used to install the iOS drivers needed in order for your PC to correctly recognize your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. However, if you already have iTunes installed, the tool will also help you fully remove iTunes from your computer. To do so, simply click on the “Uninstall” button

3. The program will now automatically remove iTunes along with related iTunes components below in the correct order and completely automatically:

  • QuickTime
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Apple Software Update
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support

4. In less than a minute (depends on your computer speed) iTunes will be fully removed from your PC and you will see the below screen. You can now click on the “X” button on top in order to close the tool as it served its purpose.

Watch this video demonstrating how to automatically remove iTunes as per the above steps

This is how to automatically and completely remove iTunes from your computer in less than a minute.

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