Copy iCloud notes to PC

There has been sustained interest in a simple way to copy iCloud notes to computer. Apple is known for keeping iCloud notes separate from your notes saved directly on your iPhone. The latter notes appear under “On My iPhone” account instead of “On My iPhone” account.

You cannot bring your “On My iPhone” notes to your iCloud account or the other way round. This tutorial describes how to bring a copy your iCloud notes to your PC and then - if needed - transfer them to “On My iPhone” account on your iPhone. In the future, I will also include a set of instructions on how to bring your “On My iPhone” notes to your iCloud account in a future post.

1. Using your PC, log in to your iCloud account and navigate to your Notes section – you will see that all of your iCloud notes are listed there. You can also see that there is no Export button available like in your Contacts section in order to copy your iCloud notes to your computer. There is however another way to export your iCloud notes

2. First, make sure that you can see your iCloud notes on your iPhone. You can bring your iCloud notes to your iDevice by navigating to Settings > iCloud on your iPhone and toggling the Notes switch to ON

3. Next, get yourself a tiny Windows tool called CopyTrans Contacts. You can download the program from here:

4. Start the program on your computer and plug in your iPhone. Let all of your iPhone data load, then click on the Note icon on the left. You will see your local iPhone notes from “On My iPhone” account appear

5. You will also see an iCloud-login prompt pop-up. Enter your Apple ID and password and click on the “Login” button

Your iCloud notes will no load within the main program window

6. Now select all the iCloud notes you want to copy to your PC and click on the “Export selected” button

7. Your iCloud notes will be copied to your computer. Each note will be saved in a separate HTML file

8. Optional: You can now return to the CopyTrans Contacts’ main window with your iPhone connected and click on the “Import notes” button instead. Navigate to the place where you previously copied your iCloud notes on your computer and select the resulting HTML files

9. Your iCloud notes will now be imported directly within your “On My iPhone” account as opposed to your “iCloud” account on your iPhone

Copy iCloud notes to PC: YouTube video guide

This is how to easily copy iCloud notes to your PC and transfer iCloud notes to “On My iPhone” account on your iPhone.


  1. I am not being asked for an iCloud Connection when I press the notes button,what do I do?

  2. Then click on More > Cloud connect to connect CopyTrans Contacts with your iCloud account (instructions with screenshots here: