Copy iPhone Contacts to Android

...And the other way round

You are concerned about how to copy iPhone contact because you are:

  • migrating to an Android-based phone from your old iPhone
  • migrating to an iPhone from your old Android?

Copying iPhone contacts to Android and contact transfer from Android to iPhone are easy tasks but require you to follow a certain amount of steps. This page will quickly show you how to:

Transfer iPhone contacts to Android

The Steps:

  1. You would need a utility to first transfer your iPhone contacts to your computer. Download it from here: Transfer iPhone contacts.

  2. YouTube Tutorial

  3. Once you run the program, connect your iPhone to your PC and let your contacts load

  4. Next, select all of your iPhone contacts you'd like to transfer to your Android and click "Export selected"

  5. Click on the "Android (multiple .vcf files" button and export the contacts to a folder on your PC of your choice - for example, your Desktop

  6. Your iPhone contacts are now transferred to your PC as vCard files ready to be imported to your Android

  7. Next, plug your Android smartphone to your PC and go to "My Computer". You will see your Android device appear, along with other devices on your PC. Double click on your Android phone from wihtin "My Computer" and drag/drop the vCard files from the folder on your Desktop to your Android device
  8. Disconnect your Android smartphone from your computer and tap on your Android's Menu button. Next, tap Import/Export > Improt from USB storage > Import all vCard files

  9. You will find your iPhone contacts transferred to your Android phone

Alternative Method: Transferring iPhone contacts to Android via Gmail

In this case, you will need an active Gmail account, so if you don't have one, go ahead open a Gmail account now.

  1. Open iTunes and plug in your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable
  2. Now, navigate to device settings within iTunes. In order to do that, simply click on your iDevice then choose the Info tab
  3. Once you see the options within the Info tab, tick the “Sync Contacts with” and from the drop-down list of options select "Google Contacts"

  4. You will be prompted to enter your Gmail username and password. Go ahead and do so

  5. After the iPhone contacts sync is complete, you will now have all of your iPhone contacts imported to your Google account. To verify, login to your Gmail via a web browser and navigate to your Gmail contacts

  6. Now it is time to switch on your Android. On your Android, navigate to Menu > Settings > Accounts and Sync
  7. Select "Add Account" and choose "Google Account" filling your Gmail username and password
  8. Make sure to tap on the "Sync Contacts" option. You can also select to sync other data with your Google account such as calendars, RSS fields, etc

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

There are at least two ways to transfer your Android address book to your iPhone contacts app

Exporting Android Contacts to a microSd card:

  1. Open your Android "Contacts" app
  2. Go to menu and select "Import/Export"
  3. Phone contacts will be exported to a file named "00001.vcf" within the root folder of your microSD card
  4. Connect your Android phone to your PC and select "Mass Storage"
  5. From the newly-opened contents of your microSD card, copy the "00001.vcf" file and paste it to your PC's desktop
  6. Now simply transfer the "00001.vcf" contact file to your iPhone using this utility ( via dragging and dropping the file to the tool's main window with your iPhone connected

  7. Your Android address book has now successfully been transferred to your iPhone contacts
  8. Transfer Android contacts to iPhone: YouTube Video guide

Import contacts to iPhone via Outlook or Gmail:

  • If you have already synced your Android contacts to Outlook or Gmail, you can proceed with syncing your iPhone with an Outlook or a Gmail account in order to import contacts to iPhone
  1. Go to Settings on iPhone
  2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Select "Add Account" and choose Google or Outlook
  4. Fill in the account details
  5. Tap "Next" and if you are using Gmail, enter the server name as follows: ""
  6. Tap "Next" again and ensure that the "Contacts" option is slided to ON
  7. This is it! You now have your Android contacts imported to iPhone

Now that you know how to copy iPhone contacts to your Android phone, have a look at the following page for other useful tips and ways to sync iPhone contacts.