Edit iPhone Contacts

How to edit iPhone contacts from your PC

Editing iPhone contacts directly on your device is straight-forward but may take time. Have a look at the quick directions outlined in this page which will help you quickly and efficiently edit iPhone contacts in large quantities by using your computer keyboard and large screen.

1. Make sure you run a Windows computer as this method currently only works for Windows 8, Window 7, Vista, and XP

2. Have you iPhone ready and download and run this powerful utility which as explained here can help you edit iPhone contacts on your PC.

Next, follow the directions shown in the YouTube vieo or continue with the steps outlined below:

3. Once you run the program on your computer, connect your iPhone. You will see your iPhone contacts along with other iPhone data load in the main program window

4. Select an iPhone contact to edit from the left-hand side and click on the “Edit contacts” button

5. Now you can edit each aspect of your iPhone contact starting from the prefix and given names, through birthday, notes, phone numbers and emails, to street address and related people

6. To apply all the changes you make your iPhone contacts, click on the “Apply changes” button. The editions will be applied directly to your iPhone

This quick and powerful method of editing iPhone contacts takes advantage of the large size of your physical PC keyboard and the ample size of your PC screen compared to that of your iPhone for the efficient edit of iPhone contacts compared to if you selected to make the editions for each contact directly on your iPhone.

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  1. wow that's cool idea. i will try it on my laptop for my iPhone contacts.