Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sync iPhone contacts

Having a quick and easy iPhone contacts sync on your iPhone is a must. Why? Imagine you have access to all your friends' family and colleagues' details at a click at a button. To sync iPhone contacts also ensures that your iPhone contacts come with you wherever you go: even if you buy a new iPhone!

Syncing iPhone contacts usually involves services such as your email provider, i.e. Gmail or Yahoo, or even Outlook. However, there is a big chance that you do not have all of your iPhone contacts in one place, say in your Yahoo email account. You most probably have your contacts and bits and pieces of details for your friends scattered across your iPhone SIM card, your Yahoo account and iPhone contacts saved in a rush directly on your phone.

How do you keep track of your iPhone contacts and all these scattered bits and pieces? More importantly, think about your backup habits, should you need to switch to a new iPhone now, how many of your recent contacts could you salvage through your iOS backups offered via iTunes or the iCloud? How much of the old and unneeded contact data can you filter? Chances are your last iOS contact backup was made some time ago, and you are prone to losing some of your more recent iPhone contacts you manually added - the most important ones!

A well-thought-of iPhone contacts backup program should offer easier, more practical than Google-, iTunes-, or iCloud-contact-backup solutions and should allow you to quickly and easily:

  • Sync iPhone contacts
  • Export and backup iPhone contacts to PC (into *.csv or *.vcf)
  • Import iPhone contacts and groups
  • Delete iPhone contacts and groups
  • iPhone contacts transfer
  • Edit iPhone contacts and groups

I had a friend recently recommend an app which can perform the above features. here is how to, for example, import contacts to iPhone from your computer using this app

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