Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to import multiple vcards into Outlook

There has been a lot of said and done about this issue, but fact is Outlook would still not allow you to import multiple vCards: yes, even with version 2010. I found this especially disturbing when I attempted to import my iPhone contacts to Outlook. All I could do was to import the vCard files I exported from my iPhone to my PC one by one : try that for 500 contacts!

However, using a 3rd party tool to export my iPhone contacts, I found a quicker method to import multiple vCard contacts into Outlook for free using your iPhone.

1. Have your iPhone ready, download and run the following app:

Next, connect your iPhone to your computer and import all of your vCard files from your computer to your iPhone by dragging/dropping the entries directly to the main program window

Note: to set the newly imported contacts from the contacts you already have on your iPhone, you can create a new contact group on your iPhone and drag/drop the vCard entries there. To set up a new group using the Contacts program, click on the “+” sign in the Groups pane

You can later delete the newly-imported contact entries if you wish to.

2. Now that all the information from the vCard entries has been successfully loaded to your iPhone in the form of iPhone contacts, select all the iPhone contact entries originating from your vCard files and hit the “Export selected” button

Continue following the steps under, or watch the below YouTube video tutorial to see the steps in action:

3. From the new window, click “Outlook (direct export to Outlook)”

4. The program will now directly import your selected iPhone contacts to Outlook on your computer. Select the folder location on your Outlook where you want the contacts imported – this will be your default Outlook Contacts folder. Click OK

5. Your multiple iPhone contacts have now been imported to Outlook on your computer with all contact details present in the original multiple vCard contact files

This was a quick and easy method to import multiple vCard contacts to Outlook on your computer using nothing but your iPhone and a powerful app to import the vCards to your iPhone and then transfer the iPhone contacts to Outlook.

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