Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to delete all contacts on iPhone?

There are a number of ways to delete all iPhone contacts. Which one you choose depends on what you want to achieve. This article describes three quick methods of deleting multiple contacts from your iPhone.

Deleting contacts directly from your iPhone

If your contact list is not extensive, you can delete your address book by deleting your contacts directly on your iPhone. To do so:

1. Launch the Contacts app

2. Select a contact

3. Tap “Edit”

4. Now navigate to the bottom of your contact and tap “Delete Contact”

remove multiple iphone contact

Of course, if you have a contact list exceeding 100 entries, this method of removing iPhone contacts will take some time. If you have a large iPhone address book, it is recommended that you use one of the methods below in order to delete multiple iPhone contacts at once.

Deleting contacts directly from your iPhone

A quicker and easier method to remove multiple or all iPhone contacts at once is by using a standalone application such as CopyTrans Contacts.

1. Download the tool from here:

delete all iphone contacts at once

2. Open the app on your computer and connect your iPhone

Next, follow these video instructions or continue with Step 3 below:

3. All iPhone contacts will instantly appear in the program’s main window. Now select all contacts, right-click and select “Delete contacts”

delete all iphone contact

4. You have now managed to delete all contacts from your iPhone in one go.

Delete all iCloud and Exchange contacts from your iPhone at once

If you have your iPhone contacts synced with iCloud or to your email account via Exchange, there is another easy way to remove all iPhone contacts at once.

1. On your iPhone, navigate to “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and click on iCloud (or Exchange depending on where you sync your iPhone contacts)

2. Now make sure you move the slider next to “Contacts” from ON to OFF. Upon prompt, tap on the “Delete from my iPhone” button

This will delete all contacts on your iPhone which were currently synced to iCloud or your email account.


  1. I have thousands of unwanted contacts on my iPhone, so method 1 won't work for me.

    I'd rather not resort to downloading some 3rd party software to handle the task, so method 2 is undesirable.

    I've used method 3, but the issue with this method is that after deleting all contacts from the phone, even if you also delete all contacts from your computer and from iCloud, when you switch the phone setting back to "ON" all the old/unwanted contacts re-populate on the phone and you're right back where you started.

    How do you delete all contacts and have them remain deleted after turning iCloud sync back on?

  2. If I end up having to go with a 3rd party software to accomplish this task, is there a free version for a Mac? The software suggested in method 2 is only for PCs.

  3. I discovered the solution to my problem.

    I inadvertently created duplicate Apple IDs many years ago. I had forgotten that I had a second ID out there and it turns out my phone was syncing to my old ID. So every time I logged into my iCloud account using my new/current ID it was showing me no contacts. However, when I synced my phone it was pulling the old contacts from my old ID.

    If you're experiencing a similar issue, make sure to check ALL iCloud/Apple ID accounts to see where your phone is syncing from.

  4. I am in the same boat as @hoosche, except I have only 1 ID. I got the phone from my brother after he upgraded and have been able to successfully remove all his data - except his 400 contacts. I have all my contacts saved in my backup assistant, but the only thing that syncing will do is add them to his already existing contacts. I also do not wish to download a 3rd party app, especially if I have to pay. I just want his contacts gone so I can sync mine only. :-(

  5. I had to turn the switch to ON first because it was off, then I turned it to off and the phone gave me that option of deleting all contacts :)
    thanks for the help

    1. Not mentioned in Option 2 (TransContacts) is that to actually us it, you have to "upgrade and spend $14.99 !!

    2. Hi Ed, actually, you can continue using the trial version by sharing about the program. Here's how to not have to pay for the program and still delete all the iPhone contacts: