Thursday, December 6, 2012

Add events to iPhone calendar

This quick post explains how to add events to your iPhone calendar directly from your iDevice.

If you would like to manage and add events to your iPhone calendar directly from your computer, then have a look at this quick guide instead: How to add calendar events to iPhone?

There are various methods in which you can manage calendars and calendar events on your iPhone. The mainstream way is to do so directly on your iPhone. However, some people find this method of using their iPhone calendar limited due to the small iPhone screen and virtual tap-keyboard.

Here is a short YouTube video quickly showning how to add events to your iPhone calendar from your PC:

Adding event entries to iPhone calendar from within your iPhone

In order to add an event to your iPhone calendar, simply tap on Calendar from the Home Screen. Next, tab the day on which you want to add the iPhone calendar event and click on the "+" button.

Now, add your iPhone calendar event title, location and information about beginning and ending time. You can also set alerts for your iPhone calendar events prior to the time they occur. Tap on Done.

The newly-added event on your calendar will appear directly on your iPhone.


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