Thursday, February 28, 2013

HTC Sync Manager to extract text messages from iPhone backup

The new HTC One is to be released in just about a week or two from now in mid-March and HTC tries to play a strong card especially for those iPhone users who would like to migrate to the Android-based phone.

Deemed a “game-changer” according to the Taipei-based company, HTC One keeps the buzz snow-balling due to the fact that the new HTC Sync Manager will allow ex-iPhone users to easily migrate their data to the Android-based phone.

The iPhone data such as iPhone contacts, iPhone calendars and text messages which is stored within the iOS backup files on your computer and is saved during each iTunes sync between your iPhone and your PC, will now be extracted by HTC Sync Manager and placed directly and automatically to your new Android. CNET Asia also reports that the feature will for now only be available for the HTC Sync manager designed for HTC One.

No word whether the HTC Sync Manager will support both PCs and Mac, however, this has been the case for previous versions of the software. What remains to be seen is whether other Android-phone producers such as Samsung and Google would also feature similar backup extractor tools for iPhone data backup migration.

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