Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Star Trek fans enjoy CopyTrans Contacts #ctcis on Twitter

A few sites announced today that CopyTrans Contacts is organizing a Twitter adventure game for those who love Star Trek. The occasion is the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness.

UPDATE: the RT adventure is now officially over. Get CopyTrans Contacts at more than 30% off now until 16th May @ 3 pm New York time.

According to Techvoize a sale for CopyTrans Contacts is scheduled for May 15th starting at 15h00 New York time. The price of the iPhone contact and notes management program will go up to 90% off (or around USD 1.30) depending on the amount of re-tweets collected during the retweet game organized prior to the sale.

The retweet adventure starts one day earlier, on May 14th at 15h00 New York time for about 24 hours during which Twitter users keen to push the final price of the program during the sale will accumulate retweets. The event will take place on the organizers’ Twitter page this afternoon at 3pm:


A total of thirty retweets of the messages posted on the organizer’s Twitter account will lead to thirty percent off in discounts while 100 retweets will double the discount rate to whooping sixty percent. The organizers do not mention the number of total retweets required to bring down the price at over ninety percent yet.

Here is a short video of the program in question showing one of its many functions – how to manage iPhone contacts from a PC:

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