Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple unveils newest iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

At its WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote yesterday, Apple unveiled the long-rumored latest generation iOS 7. Apple made iOS 7 Beta available for developers from now on while the official release date is scheduled for this fall.

Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to iOS 7 as, "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone." iPhone devices to support iOS 7 are the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5.

What does iOS 7 feature?

Design. Apple has completely overturned its OS design. Jonathan Ive, Apple’s long-celebrated designer, took over software design at Apple overseeing the new radically changed iOS 7 design.

Apple’s previous versions of iOS 6 and beyond are known to heavily depend on skeuomorphism, while iOS 7 takes iOS devices to a new electrically charged minimalistic direction.

Control Center. The Control Center in iOS 7 brings a set of easily accessible iPhone features and controls. Long-awaited, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now have their own easy-access enable/disable controls.

Multitasking. There is a clear improvement of how iPhone under iOS 7 manages multitasking. The new multitasking interface is accessed again by a double-click of the Home button. However, now users can see what’s happening on each app real-time as you scroll through the currently running apps on your iPhone; much as you’d do with iTunes Slideshow.

Siri. iOS’s artificial intelligence has just become smarter and now includes an additional set of realistic male and female voices. You can now use Siri for additional commands such as change the iPhone’s brightness and access results from Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

Photos and Camera. iOS 7 now automatically organizes and archives photos you take on your iPhone. Brand new interface for the camera is now available which lets you apply filters to your pictures. A new sharing feature called AirDrop will help you easily share your photos wirelessly with your friends.

Watch this quick video showing iOS 7 features at a glance.

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