Friday, May 16, 2014

Flappy bird is back with a new season

Flappy bird developer Dong Nguyen announced that he'll be releasing a new version of his popular game in August. The new version will include multiplayer and would be less addictive.

Back in February Dong Nguyen pulled out the increasingly popular game from the App Store claiming that it’s been overused and arguably was too addictive.

We are left to wait and see what the new Flappy Bird will look like with the multiplayer mode and “less addictive” features.

In the meantime, if you have the original Flappy Bird still installed on your iPhone, you can transfer it to other iOS devices conserving the game scores via using this method:

The game developer also Tweeted that Flappy Bird clone currently found on the App Store called "Flappy Bird: New Season” is has nothing to do with him.

Apple has deemed to not authorize apps bearing the name “Flappy” for the moment. Is there a chance that they missed this one? In addition the “New Season” game is listed as developed by a person named Dong Nguyen…. We are left to see whether Apple takes action but for the moment you can download the unapologetic Flappy-Bird clone from the App Store:

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