Sync iPhone Contacts via Bluetooth?

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to simply sync iPhone contacts via Bluetooth to your PC.

The question

It is easy to get lost if you search online how to sync iPhone contacts to PC via Bluetooth. There are countless discussions with answers varying from simple steps on how to pair iPhone to PC via Bluetooth to - false guidelines on how to actually transfer iPhone contacts to PC via Bluetooth.

The answer

The answer to the above question is simple. While the iPhone features Bluetooth connectivity – transfer of iPhone contacts via Bluetooth has never been possible.

The reason

Apple has made it clear that the Bluetooth connectivity of the iPhone will only serve to pair the device with a headset or a hands-free device and not for the transfer of file data while file transfer can only be achieved via iTunes and recently via the iCloud in a strictly one-user non-share environment.

Indeed, the only exception in which you can transfer iPhone contacts via Bluetooth is if you have a PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)-enabled system on your car. Many cars would nowadays provide the possibility to sync iPhone contacts via Bluetooth to their navigation and communication systems. Note, however, that each automobile producer provides their own set of instructions on how to sync iPhone contacts via Bluetooth.

What to try

If you are looking for a wireless way to sync iPhone contacts to PC, you can use iTunes and its newly-available wireless sync starting from iOS 5 + iPhones and iTunes v10.5 +.

Sync iPhone contacts even quicker

You can also use an uncomplicated third party app in order to sync iPhone contacts directly to your computer.


  1. Thank you, that is really useful to know! I was driving myself mad trying to add voice tags to my parrot but you have to send each contact individually.
    I remember hearing years ago that there was some issue with bluetooth on the iphone 3, I assume this is it and it has persisted to the 5S.

    1. Yep, Bluetooth on the iPhone does not work for transferring data such as contacts. The only exception is if you transfer the iPhone contacts to your car computer. Then Bluetooth works.

  2. how to Sync iphone contact to car bluetooth