Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iOS 7 update problems: What can occur and how to resolve?

There are a number of problems which could occur when updating the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 7. First, and foremost, make sure back up all iOS data on your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with updating. This will save you a lot of trouble should the iOS 7 update fail.

Be sure to check the following article which will help you resolve some of the most common issues occurring during update to iOS 7:

When upgrading, make sure to update iOS via using OTA (over-the-air) update rather than using iTunes. OTA update brings increased reliability of the iOS upgrade process. If you choose to upgrade via iTunes, you might encounter error messages during or after the update.

Here’s a list with the most common problems during iOS 7 update:

  • iTunes returns an error message during iOS 7 update

  • iPhone in Recover Mode after upgrading iOS

  • iPhone data restore incomplete after firmware update


  1. Why can't I sync my 800 contact from MS Outlook any longer??? How am I going to load my contacts into my iPhone.

    I have been a loyal Apple customer for many, many years. If this can't be fixed I guess it's time to try an Android.

    Please help!!!

    1. Hi Cabernett, be sure to follow this tutorial I wrote earlier which explains how to sync iPhone contacts to Outlook:

      If you need additional help, like my Facebook page and post your question on the wall, I'll answer the same day!

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