Wednesday, November 6, 2013

iPhone 5s and iPad Air hands-on review

With the iPhone 5s release long gone, I decided to wait for the iPad Air and review both devices.

The new iPad on the block

Apple announced two new iPad models – the iPad Air (5th generation) and the iPad mini with Retina display (2nd generation iPad mini). I got myself the iPad Air as soon as it was out and would consider whether to also go for the iPad mini Retina once its released by the end of November.

You can see me unboxing my new iPad Air toy:

Compared to the older iPad models, the new iPad Air has thinner side bezels. It looks remarkably similar to the iPad mini (although it is larger). See how the iPad Air compares with my old iPad 2.

Apple notes that the iPad Air with its 469 grams (1.034 lb) is lighter than its predecessor. However, the iPad does not feel noticeably lighter. Also, although thinner than the previous iPad, the iPad Air does not feel so. At its maximum depth, the iPad Air is indeed 7.5 mm (0.30 in) which is less than the previous iPad 9.4 mm (0.37 in); however, the new iPad Air features less difference between its minimum and maximum depth than the iPad 4th generation.

In terms of speed, the iPad Air, does feel perceptibly swifter with its A7 microprocessor and M7 graphics coprocessor.

iPhone 5s hands-on

The iPhone 5s is Apple’s most advanced iPhone so far and it does indeed feel like a jewel. This having been said, however, physically it is not much different than the iPhone 5 which spoils some of the excitement.

I unboxed my iPhone 5s Gold back in September and hurried to test the Touch ID. Holding it in my hand for the first time, I did not feel the iPhone 5s was lighter than its predecessor. I clearly remember the substantial difference between the weight of iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

Now, the iphone 5s is indeed impressive with its A7 chip (the first 64-bit chip installed on a mobile device). However, unless you substitute your PSP PlayStation Portable or PSVITA with the iPhone (I don’t), you won’t notice the huge graphics performance and speed difference.

The new iPhone 5s camera is much worth it however. The 5s is currently the only iPhone to allow slow-motion video shooting. In general, I am pleased with both the iPad Air and the iPhone 5s and would recommend upgrading to anyone with a previous iPad or iPhone generation.

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